Mission and Business Principles


To be the most effective federal regulatory advocate for small & medium businesses, and their associations. 

Business Principles

We are driven by the following principles:

1. Integrity.  Given the nature of this endeavor, we often take positions adverse to powerful federal agencies who may look for any grounds to impede our work.  So we must hold ourselves to the highest standards of conduct. 

2.  Winning.  We love winning, especially when dealing with challenges that require well-defined process and focused perseverance. 

3. Out of the box thinking.  To beat the federal government with limited resources, we must think in ways others do not.

4.  Effective action.  We act effectively and we act to win. 

5.  Alliances & community.  Neither one person, business nor association shouting loudly will be heard over the noise.  Alliances and/or community are mandatory. 

6.  Internet.  We never cease to be amazed by how the internet has changed the rules. 

7.  Alignment of interests.  We prefer to demonstrate initial value before we ask for value.