Financial Times world first: Small/medium businesses hit by Transition taxAmericans worldwide hammered by the Transition TaxThousands of American business owners living in Israel hit by Transition TaxInternational Tax Review: The Problems with GILTIUS Treasury grants businesses extension to file Transition Tax tax returnsWIN!!!! American businesses worldwide receive on year reprieve from Transition TaxRecent Government Accountability Office (GAO) report shows that Treasury always ignores RFAWhy small businesses get stuck with GILTICanadian Broadcast Corp: Americans living in Canada saved by the bellWIN!! SENATE FINANCE COMM. DELIVERS DRAFT BILL EXEMPTING SMALL/MEDIUM BUSINESSES FROM TRANSITION TAX!!My formal comment filed during the 60 day comment period of the proposed Transition tax regulationsIsraeli Treasury Dept. lobbies US Treasury to seek solution for GILTI.Treasury grants businesses second relief in 3 months!!Bloomberg: Small businesses face harsh reality with Transition TaxComparing the Treasury RFA certification and what the Small Business Administration requiresDemocrats Abroad, part of the Democratic party, joins the battle against the Transition tax & GILTIBloomberg covers Transition Tax lawsuitLaw360 covers the Transition Tax lawsuitSeeking complete relief from the Transition Tax, businesses crowdfund to file suit against TreasuryU.S. Tax Seminar in Paris: The impact of the 15.5% Repatriation and GILTI taxes on U.S. expatsGlobal webinar: The Transition Tax October 15, 2018 deadline and what to doTax Notes covers Transition tax lawsuit#1 Expat newspaper based in England covers Transition Tax lawsuitLaw360: Treasury announces intention to address GILTI issues for small/medium businessesWIN!!!! Treasury provides small businesses relief in proposed GILTI regsBloomberg followup article to Transition Tax lawsuit#1 publication for Americans abroad on the GILTI fixMONSTER GILTI WIN!!!Treasury/IRS file motion to dismiss our Transition Tax lawsuitWe file our opposition to the motion to dismissTreasury Moves to Dismiss Transition Tax Regs Suit Over Standing#1 leading expat journal on the motion to dismissTax Notes: Plaintiffs fire back in opposition to motion to dismissCalculating Transition Tax Doesn’t Give Suit Standing, DOJ Claims In Reply BriefLaw 360 discusses the technical hurdles we face in the motion to dismissLaw360 discusses the case and its significanceWE WIN!!!! Judge's one-sided ruling crushes Treasury/IRS#1 leading blog on procedural aspects of tax litigation explains the significance of the ruling.Tax Notes: In depth article analyzes the significance of our surpising winTax Notes follow up article on the rulingTax Notes Feature Article: Rethinking Challenges to Treasury RegulationsTreasury files answer, Doubles Down on Spurned Arguments in Silver, Offers New OnesCompleteness of Administrative Record Challenged in SilverSilver Moves for Summary Judgment in Transition Tax SuitHarvard Law School files Amicus briefReg Challenge Finds Ally in Center for Taxpayer RightsRepublican Expat Group Takes Treasury to Task for Reg FailureTax Notes covers our GILTI lawsuitMAJOR WIN!!!! Individuals' GILTI Deduction Eligibility Win Just Got SweeterGILTI lawsuit filed!!!Law360 on our GILTI lawsuitMotion for summary judgment filed in Transition Tax lawsuitLaw360 covers our motion for summary judgementWe caught Treasury/IRS hiding documents & file a motion to compel. Dirty tricks. This will hurt!The Banking industry Failed. The Insurance industry Failed. Our crowdfunded lawsuit won.Federalist Society hosts event on our caseTreasury/IRS produce the Administrative Record.Monte Silver feature article in Tax Notes: So you want to challenge a Treasury regulation issued under the TCJA?Treasury/IRS file answer to lawsuitOur case cited in Supreme Court brief!!!American Bar Association event on our case5 Federal Tax Cases To Watch In The 2nd Half Of 2020The American: Relief Success for American Overseas Small Businesses in GILTI Tax CaseFinal GILTI-related regulations deliver HUGE win for our advocacy!Law360 covers Government final reply briefTax360 reports on motion to dismiss: Anti-Injunction Act does not bar small business lawsuitGlobal Webinar: The impact of the Repatriation and GILTI taxes on American business owners living abroadGlobal Webinar: what is GILTI and what to do about it.Handelsblatt, #1 German business publication: Americans in Germany hit by Repatriation/GILTI tax.U.S. Tax Seminar in Munich: The impact of the 15.5% Repatriation & GILTI taxes on expats in GermanyU.S. Tax Seminar in London: The impact of the 15.5% Repatriation & GILTI taxes on expats in EnglandExpat Americans given one-year reprieve on US repatriation taxBIGGEST WIN YET!!!Not GILTI. Global webinar on the 2 recent regulatory winsBloomberg: In summary judgement, Treasury seeks dismissal of Transition Tax lawsuitBloomberg: Silver files Summary judgement in Transition tax caseJerusalem Post: GILTI regulations are a big win for small businessesMonte Silver joins AARO board & heads tax committeeExpat Group Incensed Over GILTI Regs’ Small Business Brush-OffTax Notes Federal feature article: Silver and Altera: Modern-Day Tales of David and GoliathSilver files reply brief in summary judgementTreasury/IRS file motion to dismiss GILTI lawsuitSilver files final brief in support of Transition Tax summary judgementLaw360: US Urges DC Court To Toss Suit Challenging GILTI RegsTax Notes covers Treasury/IRS motion to dismiss GILTI lawsuitGovernment files final briefs in two casesTransition tax is constitutional, rules US Federal courtSilver covers Supreme Court case of CIC vs. IRSU.S. Supreme Court likely to prevent pre-emptive challenges to Treasury regs (but not our lawsuit!)Will the Supreme Court allow Treasury to keep getting away with murder?Chief IRS Counsel: Silver cases in focusBiden on Tax: Legislation or Treasury RegsHow small and medium-sized businesses can obtain tax and tax compliance-related relief during President Joe Biden's term.Court in GILTI lawsuit puts case on hold until judgment in Transition tax case givenTax Notes on motion to stay GILTI actionCourt Stays GILTI Challenge Pending Outcome Of Similar Case