Not GILTI. Global webinar on the 2 recent regulatory wins

Monte Silver
By Monte Silver

As you may know, in the last week, Treasury issued two GILTI-related final regulations which greatly benefit small business owners. It is with great pleasure for me to say that our advocacy was a major factor behind the issuance of these two regulations and the benefits they provide to small business owners.

Bottom line, these two regulations have the effect of either retroactively (i) completely exempting a large number of small businesses from GILTI compliance and tax liability from 2018, or in the worst case (ii) exempting many others from GILTI tax liability but still requiring annual compliance.

This webinar will discuss the substance of the two recent and final GILTI regulations, as well as things such as effective dates, retroactivity, amending past returns, elections required to enjoy the benefits, etc. This webinar is targeted towards US business owners, their US CPAs and relevant US-based associations which serve small businesses.

A. Asia/Europe –Japan/Seoul 7pm, Perth/Beijing 6pm, 1pm Israel, France/Germany 12 noon, London 11 am

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B. Americans/Europe - 10am PST, 1pm EST, 6pm London, 7pm France/Germany, 8pm Israel

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