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To allow us to evaluate whether we can assist you obtain regulatory relief, please answer the following questions:

  1. Has a federal agency recently issued either (i) a proposed regulation/rule or (ii) within the last 6 months a final regulation/rule?  If not, we can not assist you. If so, please fill out the name/title or identifying number of the rule/regulation.
  2. Has or will the rule/regulation have an adverse impact on small/medium sized businesses?* If not, we cannot assist you.   If so, please briefly describe how these businesses have been, or will be adversely impacted by the rule/regulation.
  3. Provide your best estimate/guess as to (i) the size (in dollars) of the business segment or industry directly impacted by the rule/regulation, and (ii) the number of small/medium sized businesses impacted. 

  4. Are there trade/lobbying associations or publications which focus on the segment/industry which is impacted by the regulation/rule?  If so, please provide their names and website. 

* The term "adverse impact" should be read extremely broadly and include either (i) any cost or expense, including but not limited to additional compliance costs or form filling, or (ii) any business or business opportunity lost. 

* The law defines "small/medium sized businesses" according to industry.  However, at this stage, assume it means a business with less than either (i) $25,000,000 in annual sales or (ii) 1500 employees 

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