Case Studies

Our case studies involve concrete and substantial regulatory relief that we have obtained from Treasury & the IRS. The case studies and regulatory relief relate to two entirely new tax regimes that were created under the Tax Cut & Jobs Act: the Transition Tax and GILTI Tax.

While to date we have dealt primarily with Treasury/IRS, the innovative legal strategies we have developed and e-advocacy tools we have created apply to ALL federal agencies.   To be specific, the Regulatory Flexibility Act (5 U.S.C. 601) and Paperwork Reduction Act (44 USC 3506(c)) apply to ALL agencies. In fact, obtaining regulatory relief from agencies other than Treasury is much easier for two reasons: (i) Treasury is extremely powerful compared to other agencies, and (ii) given the importance of raising taxes to pay for government, Treasury is afforded significantly more legal protection (hurdles we easily overcame, something that the powerful Banking and Insurance industries failed to accomplish). 


Bottom line: if we succeeded with/against Treasury, the above laws make advocacy opposite other agencies much easier.