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Who We Are

We are business owners whose businesses were severely impacted by two new federal taxes created under the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, and the Treasury regulations issued under them. 

Realizing that these two new taxes imposed significant compliance costs on us and about 200,000 other businesses, we decided to take a stand and act.  We acted in a focused decisive manner and the results we achieved in terms of generating concrete permanent regulatory relief were astounding.  

We are not an association seeking membership fees, lobbyists/consultants who seek a retainer, or lawyers who seek legal fees. We are business owners who can apply our innovative legal and e-advocacy proven methods to help you secure concrete relief from federal laws, rules & regulations which impact small/medium size businesses.  We are business people who pay and receive compensation for value.  However, as stated in our Mission & Business Principles section, we strongly believe in demonstrating value before we discuss issues of compensation.  

What We Do

We work with and at times against the most powerful federal agencies to secure concrete relief from federal laws, regulations and rules that impact small & mid-sized businesses. 

Our advocacy and successes are based on the innovative use of (i) little-known federal laws designed to protect smaller businesses from harmful federal laws, regulations and rules, and (ii) effective e-advocacy.  By leveraging laws that enable us to relatively easily invalidate federal regulations and rules, together with e-advocacy which allows large numbers of businesses to have their voices heard by senior decision-makers, we generate results quickly and cost effectively.  

But don't take our word for it.  Look at what the reputable media and opinion leaders have to say. And most importantly, look at the results we have obtained and continue to obtain.    

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